P045 Action


Floor Wiper

Product Weight: 545 grams

Blade Material: Virgin Plastic

Blade Size: 45cm

Rod Size: 134 cm Heavy Duty Powder Coated Rod



P045UniqueActionFloor wiper brings you a premium quality floor wiper which is perfect for modern homes. It is made up of Virgin quality material that make this product durable, tough and sturdy.

Long Handle:

The Action Floor wiper comes with Heavy Duty Powder Coated iron with steady length of 134 cm.  You can use the Unique Floor wiper to your current needs at any time and thus easily get into inaccessible places. This long Rod benefits for saving your back and knees without climbing or kneeling anymore to clean the spots of the floors. 45 cm Blade Virgin Plastic Unique Floor wiper EVA Rubber help to clean water easily. The Unique Floor wipers designed to quickly remove and move water on tiled surfaces. Ideal for wet floors and showers when you need to push all the water towards the plug. Also ideal for use around pools and to keep tiled surfaces as dry as possible.

Materials: High quality EVA Rubber blade with Heavy Duty Powder Coated metallic handle.


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