Beyond the Basics: Unexpected Places to Clean in Your Bathroom

Beyond the Basics: Unexpected Places to Clean in Your Bathroom
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After cleaning your bathroom, did you feel like something was missing? You cleaned the tub, countertops, and floor, but it seems like it could be cleaner. You must touch up a few places that go ignored while cleaning to make your bathroom sparkle.

When was the last time you cleaned beneath the toilet or cabinet hardware with unique cleaning products? Exactly. Check out these surprising bathroom cleaning spots. After addressing these overlooked locations, your bathroom will feel fresher.

Cabinets and Drawers

Cabinets and drawers are where dust and grime like to hide. Wipe down cabinet fronts and handles, then empty each drawer and cabinet to vacuum up dirt and wipe down the inside. Remember the space under the sink! Once everything is clean, reorganize while you’re at it.

Mirrors and Windows

Smudged mirrors and windows make a bathroom seem dingy. Use glass cleaner or a vinegar solution to get mirrors, windows, and any glass shower doors streak-free and sparkling. For stuck-on splatters, use a razor blade scraper or scrubber.


There must be more than cleaning or vacuuming the main floor area. Move toilets, cabinets, and rugs to clean the floor underneath and in corners. Disinfect flooring around toilets and in front of sinks. If you have mats or rugs, take them outside to wash or beat out the dust.

Ventilation Fans and Grills

Those vents and fans work hard to remove moisture and odors from your bathroom, but over time, they get coated in dust and grime, reducing their effectiveness. Pull off the cover or grill and give the blades and housing a wipe-down with a disinfecting cleaner at least once a month. Your fans will run more efficiently, and your bathroom will smell fresher.

Baseboards and Trim

Dust, dirt, and splatters accumulate on baseboards, trim, and moldings over time. Wipe them down with a microfiber duster, damp rag, and all-purpose cleaner. Get into corners and crevices with a toothbrush for stuck-on debris. Clean trim makes a space look well-maintained and sparkling.


You have best and unique floor wiper—some toilet places are commonly disregarded yet require care. Try these surprising spots to clean your bathroom for a dazzling, clean, deep. Clean bathrooms make you want to dance!

Stay consistent with your cleaning practice after going beyond the fundamentals. Wiping countertops, sweeping floors, and cleaning mirrors may make a difference. You’ll soon have a clean bathroom. Why wait? Start cleaning with your caddy—your bathroom will thank you!